Gambling and Rock ‘n’ Roll

Rock music and gambling have been long-time friends and are commonly associated with one another. Perhaps this is because Rock ‘n’ Roll is a lifestyle based on risk taking. From eating the head of a bat, to setting instruments on fire, there are no shortage of risks and personality in the genre.

Rock ‘n’ roll has a huge personality and has become more of a lifestyle than simply just a genre.

The personality is expressed in various ways including meaningful lyrics. One thing that rockers write about is something that is prominent in the industry, which is gambling. NetEnt feature many legendary bands and songs in their games and have even made games entirely based on Rock legends.

Below are a couple of the biggest songs about gambling of all time:

Ace of Spades

The feature track2389757333_96867b5dcf_b from the album of the same name, is Motorhead’s explicit song. It’s about as focused on gambling as a song can be. It’s about betting it all when the stakes are high.

The song itself is gritty and loud with bass lines that gives a kick and a steady drum beat. It was said to have been inspired by one of the band members’ who dabbled in gambling more than occasionally.

With the emergence of casino online and increasing mobile offerings, gambling has lost its traditional shape and thus blurred the connection and relation between gambling and Rock ‘n’ Roll. However, as mentioned, these new online casinos aim to keep the spirit and relationship alive through their Rock inspired games like the motorheadslot from NetEnt casino.

Pinball Wizard

This song is one of the most bizarre rock songs of all time. It follows the journey of a deaf-mute boy named Tommy who faces hardships such as bullying and neglect. He channels the negative feelings through pinball. He becomes so good at pinball that, by the end of the song, he has a loyal following including people who have come from all over just to see him play.