Who invented Rock ‘n’ Roll? This controversial, age old question has more answers than there are rock stars in the sky. Some say we can thank gospel music for setting the foundations of rock music, while others feel the roots lie with jazz, boogie and rhythm and blues. Alternatively, others argue that country music was the largest influence.

There is no right or wrong answer as to the origins of this phenomena. Whether it was Elvis or Buddy Holly or indeed their unknown influences, the genre has had a huge impact on musicians worldwide. The face of music has been changed irreversibly and the genre has bred many iconic bands and artists.

This site aims to 5explore the history of this iconic genre and takes a look at some of the fantastic individuals and bands that helped shape it.

Among the following pages you will be able to explore some of the ground breaking songs and artists that developed rock ‘n’ roll. From the first fledgling notes to sold out tours around the world, an insatiable appetite for more has grown.

Here you can find pages dedicated to taking a look at the rich history and unique cultural movements associated with Rock’n’ Roll.

Read on to discover how certain bands, songs and individuals have played their part in the evolution of rock ‘n’ roll. From Jimi Hendrix and his innovative style, to the stand out efforts of Kiss, rock ‘n’ roll wears many masks, but enjoys many unmistakable characteristics.

So, if you’re looking to learn more about rock ‘n’ roll and how it became what we know and love today, read on!